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How to Increase Views on YouTube in 2021? New Strategy

by Umair Hashmi
How to Increase Views on YouTube in 2021? New Strategy

Today I am going to tell you a technique that allows you to get views on your videos very quickly.

And this is called sequel technique.

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As are the sequels of dramas and movies.

In the same way, you have to make a sequel to a youtube video.

The study shows that the views that appear on youtube videos are mostly through suggested videos.

Whether your video has a good ranking in search results or not.

In my last video, I told you about Youtube SEO that is, if a user searches in Youtube, then how to bring video in it.

The importance of Youtube SEO has its place but suggested videos are even more important.

You may have noticed that if you are watching from a computer, some videos are being shown on the right hand side of the Youtube video.

And if you are watching on mobile then some videos are showing below the video.

These are called suggested videos and if you manage to show your video in the suggested video.

You can get thousands and millions of views and you can easily get it through the sequel technique.

The views of those who have used the sequel technique have increased very quickly.

We will now learn this technique step by step.

In step 1

You have to find such video in your industry whose views are too many.


Remember, the target of the sequel technique is showing your video in suggested videos and when your video is shown with such a video whose views will be in millions.

So people will click on your video and watch your video.

The question is how do you find such a video in your industry?

There are two simple strategies that work.

The first strategy is to use YouTube search.

All you have to do is make a video on the topic you want to make

Type it in Youtube search and from the results that come, target the video that has the most views.

The second strategy is to go to your competitors’ Youtube channel and sort out the most popular videos and target the video that has the most views.

Now we will talk about step 2

Create a Better & Bigger Video

Create a video that is longer and better than your targeted video because you have found a video that has a lot of views.

Now it’s time to make a better and longer video than the video you found.

Why is this important?

A while ago YouTube published a research paper “Deep Neural Networks for YouTube Recommendations”

And this research paper explains how suggested videos work.

The result is that Youtube focuses on the expected watch time.

The expected watch time is very easy to understand. This is a YouTube guess if a user clicks on your video

So how long does he watch your video?

YouTube promotes videos that people watch for longer.

So, the better you have the expected watch time the more chances your video has to show in suggested videos.

For example Youtube suggested two videos

When people click on the first video, they watch it for 20 seconds.

Therefore, the expected watch time of the first video was 20 seconds.

And when people watch another video, they watch it for 2 minutes.

So the expected watch time of the second video was 2 minutes.

Youtube finds out which of the suggested videos has the more expected watch time then youtube starts promoting this video a lot you will now understand that youtube shows only those videos in suggested videos that people watch for a long time and it has a longer expected watch time.

And people watch the same video for a long time, which is very good.

This is the main point of the sequel technique that must be understood.

And that is to make a better video on the same topic that you found in step 1.

Now I will explain you how to make better video.

Make your video intro awesome.

Why is this so important?

YouTube data shows us that the first 15 seconds of your video are very important which we also call intro.

In fact, YouTube says that if you can’t attract a user in the first 15 seconds.

They will click on another video and leave.

But if you attract them in this 15 second video, they will watch your video.

The question is how to make your video a great intro?

An attractive intro that is even better than the video you found.

Check out the first 15 seconds of that video and make the intro of your sequel even better.

Next, make your video longer.

Studies show that longer videos play longer than shorter videos.

YouTube promotes videos that people watch longer and long videos just do that because long videos have longer expected watch time.

For example Your video is three minutes long.

Even if people watch your entire video, which is difficult.

So your expected watch time will be a maximum of three minutes.

But if your video is 10 minutes long.

And if people only watch half of your video, so your expected watch time will be five minutes.

So it makes sense that whatever video you are making a sequel to try making a video a couple of minutes longer.

So that your expected watch time can be longer.

Let us now discuss Step 3

Optimize your video

Finally, optimize your sequel video.

We usually optimize the SEO of a YouTube video when we optimize it.

But in sequel technique you are not doing well in your ranking youtube search.

If you do, well, that’s a bonus point.

But that is not the purpose.

The main goal is to show your video with a popular video as a suggested video.

So the question is how to optimize the suggested video?

It’s easy, copy your competitor’s keywords.

Infact, YouTube creators academy says

That when your video metadata is similar to another video, so the chances of your video are very high
to show in the suggested video.

That’s why you have to copy all the keywords of the video that you are creating the sequel of the video.

First and foremost, be sure to include the keyword you are targeting in your video and subtitle because Youtube understands them.

Next, use the same keyword or its variation in your title.

Similarly, use keywords in the description.

Just understand the video you are targeting.

Scan its title and description to see which keywords it has targeted and then use the same keywords or their synonyms in the title and description of your video.

Finally copy all the tags of your competitors and add them to your video.

I have explained how to copy tags in my last video by clicking on the link above.

When you put all these things from a popular video in your sequel video.

Youtube will also show your video in the suggested video.

Before I end today’s video, I have a bonus tip for you.

That is to

Improve the CTR of your suggested video

As you just realized how much you can increase your views through suggested video.

But if you improve the CTR of your video, you can increase your views many times over.

You may have heard of CTR before.

If not, CTR is called Click Through Rate.

It simply means.

How many people who watch your video click on it?

The higher your CTR, the more views you can get.

For example, your video is shown in a suggested video along with a popular video.

And 5% of people who watch this popular video also click on your video.

That’s fine.

But if you can make your CTR so good that 10% of people click on your video, your views will double without much effort.

How to improve CTR of suggested video is very simple.

First of all, logout your Youtube or open your private browser.

That’s because the view history doesn’t make any difference to the videos that are shown.

Then open whatever video you have targeted.

Now there will be suggested videos being shown.

Check out their thumbnails and make your sequel video thumbnail better than all these videos.

The title and background of your thumbnail.

Try to somehow make your thumnail the most prominent.

That’s because when people see your thumbnail, they click on your thumbnail and don’t click on someone else’s thumbnail.

I hope you improve your CTR when you improve your thumbnail.

In today’s video we have understood the sequel technique.

I hope with this technique you will definitely succeed in increasing your Youtube views.

If you’ve learned anything new from today’s video, be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel.

And click the subscribe button below the video.

Now, it’s your turn.

What strategy were you already using before today and which is not?

Be sure to mention it in the comments below.

Thank you

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