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Top 21 Mistakes New YouTubers Make | How To Avoid Them?

by Umair Hashmi
Top 21 Mistakes New YouTubers Make | How To Avoid Them

Would you like to know what mistakes new YouTubers make?

Why can’t their YouTube channel grow?

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Today I am going to explain to you 21 mistakes.

That new YouTubers make.

Let’s talk about the 21 biggest mistakes you make on YouTube that prevent your channels from growing.

Mistake 1 Lack of Planning

The first mistake is lack of planning.

Many content creators do not plan at all.

What content they should create.

They just guessed and make any video.

It is very important to plan your videos.

When you make a plan and make videos, you have an overview of one to two months in front of you.

And you have a schedule in front of you which video I will upload on which day.

Then you can create a nice playlist by combining these planned videos.

This will keep your channel organized and will also benefit YouTube.

Mistake 2 Don’t Start Your Channel

The second mistake is not to start your own channel.

That I can talk on such and such topic.

You have a lot of ideas.

But you don’t start a channel.

You need to start your own channel, And you have to get started.

If you don’t start now, you can’t grow, And that is what keeps many people.

They want everything to be perfect.

If you think so, you will not be able to move forward.

You need to start your channel now.

Your first video may be completely useless.

And that’s normal.

Man learns by making mistakes and moves on.

You need to take the first step.

Because if you don’t take the first step, how will you reach success?

Mistake 3 Impatience

The third big mistake is impatience.

Many new YouTubers are so impatient.

When they upload the first video, they think that as soon as the video is published, it will go viral.

And many subscribers will come to their channel.

It doesn’t happen.

Everything takes time to grow.

You need to be practical.

Nothing in the world is done with a click.

Everything takes time.

And it takes time for a YouTube channel to grow.

So be patient.

There is no need to rush.

Because it takes time for a YouTube channel to grow.

Mistake 4 Not Focusing on Content

The fourth mistake we make is:

Focus more on other things than your content.

Such as mic, camera, lighting, location etc.

But the fact is, it doesn’t matter.

Because your content is king.

If your content is powerful then people will love you.

So pay attention to your content.

You have to work on improving one thing at a time.

And the first thing is to improve the content.

Then upgrade your camera, mic etc.

But your main focus should be content.

Mistake 5 Compare Yourself with other YouTubers

The fifth big mistake new YouTubers make is that.

Compare yourself to other big YouTubers.

Because sometimes we watch other channels.

So their videos have millions of views.

But when we make a video like this, there are no views on it.

But one thing we’re not considering is that.

They have 200 videos on their channel, And there are only 9 or 10 videos on our channel.

Or the style of these YouTubers is different from yours.

That’s why the response to the audience they create, is totally different as compare to your audience.

That’s why it’s really important not to compare yourself with other channels, especially in your niche.

Of course, you have to see what other YouTubers are doing.

But don’t compare yourself to them.

Sometimes this will discourage you.

And it will bring down your morals.

Because when you watch their videos, you will think that.

“Oh, why are there so many views on his video, why aren’t there on my video?”

But in the end you have to compete with yourself.

And make the new video better than your last video.

Mistake 6 Not having a Consistent Look & Feel

Another big mistake is that your videos don’t have a consistent look & feel.

You have to make yourself a brand.

When someone subscribes to your channel.

They need to know what topic you are talking about.

What kind of videos do you make?

How is your visual representation?

Also how you are on camera.

You need consistency in your videos.

Mistake 7 Don’t take Action

Now, that’s really, really important.

Because you are watching this video right now.

One of the biggest mistakes that many content creators make is that they watch videos.

Like you are watching this video right now.

And while watching the video, they are thinking that we are taking action on it.

But in reality they are not taking action on it.

So one important thing I want to explain to you now is that as soon as this video ends, I want you to start taking action on these things.

Because if you don’t take action on what you learn, how will you improve your YouTube channel?

You need to make sure that whatever you learn.

And you think it can improve your channel, then take immediate action on it.

So that you can get good results on YouTube.

Because just watching a video and learning is not enough.

It is just as important that you take action on them.

Mistake 8 Don’t Try YouTube’s New Features

One big mistake is that we don’t try the new features of YouTube.

YouTube is constantly adding new features.

Because if YouTube has added a new feature, then YouTube wants us to use it.

And using it can improve your ranking.

Mistake 9 Being Afraid to Experiments

The ninth mistake is to be afraid of doing new experiments.

It’s really important to make sure that.

You experiment with the content you create.

You should experiment with different scenes with different ideas, Experiment with your video making style.

Experiment with how you show your content to people.

Experiment by changing your title and thumbnail.

Because now you are making videos.

You must think they are perfect.

But you change one small thing.

And your viewers say, “Wow, this is a great video. I’ll subscribe to their channel.”.

One small change you make can really make a huge difference to your channel.

So don’t be afraid to experiment with your videos.

Mistake 10 Not Engaging with Your Audience

Another big mistake is not engaging with your audience.

You should never do that.

You upload a video and don’t check its comments.

You need to create a community.

You need to engage with people.

You need to be engaged with people on the other side of the screen.

So talk to people, reply to them in comments.

Understand people’s demands and see what they are saying.

Mistake 11 Not Being Consistent in Uploads

Another big mistake is that.

You don’t upload your videos consistently.

You upload three videos every week for a month.

And then nothing for the whole next month.

Sometimes you become super consistent.

And sometimes you don’t even know the videos.

Try even if the content is low.

But consistency is very important in the time of uploading your videos.

Be sure to upload at least one video a week.

If you can’t do that, upload in alternate week.

Select one day.

And make sure to upload the video on that day of the week.

Let your viewers know when you upload a video.

Because if there is no consistency in the timings for uploading your videos, your viewers will not know when your video will come out.

And they will lose interest.

They will start watching videos of other content creators.

Mistake 12 Faking Others

Another mistake is to try to be like others by copying their style.

There are a lot of new YouTubers on YouTube.

Who try to copy the style of others.

The best thing you can do on YouTube is never try to be like anyone else.

Because on YouTube you are making personal connections with people who are watching your videos.

So it is important to show them as you are.

Because how long can you copy someone else’s style?

At some point you will be fed up.

You will realize that.

The person that people like is not really me.

Therefore, it is very important that you do not copy anyone’s style.

Be who you are.

Of course get inspiration from other content creators.

But develop your own style.

Don’t make it fake.

Be you, be the best version of you.

Mistake 13 Distraction in Videos

Another mistake is to have something like this in your video Which distracts viewers.

For example: You are making a video in the sun.

And you are wearing Mirrored Sunglasses.

Obviously, they will distract the viewers.

So you have to be very careful that.

There is nothing in your video that distracts people.

Even if you wear something like that.

Or something like that wherever you are.

Or a voice that distracts people.

You will know this only when you interact with your users.

Mistake 14 Focusing on Yourself

Another mistake that many YouTubers make is that.

They focus more on themselves than on their users.

And they don’t value what viewers are giving them.

Of course this is your channel you are promoting yourself.

But you always have to keep your viewers in mind.

Because in the end of the day.

Viewers are the people who are watching your content.

So you want to respect their time.

You need to make sure that.

They are getting the quality content for which.

They subscribed to your channel.

Make your viewers feel like they’re part of your community.

Assure people that they are in your mind whenever you make a video.

If you think your viewers are the first, then this will help you to improve on YouTube.

Mistake 15 Worrying about the Length of the Videos

Another big mistake is to worry about how long your videos are.

The length of your videos.

The longer your video, the longer your watch time.

And you get benefit from having more watch time.

But you should also keep in mind that.

You should not try to lengthen your video.

If your video is a two minute video then it is only two minutes long.

You can’t make a 10 minute video with unnecessary stuff.

You should not talk unnecessarily or add animations.

To increase the duration of the video.

Your audience has no interest in all of this.

Therefore, do not add such things in the video.

Which is only intended to increase the length of the video.

This will not help your channel.

The main thing that helps your channel is to create great content.

Create content that your viewers want to see.

If the length of such content is high.

Then there is no problem.

If it is small then leave it small.

So stop worrying so much about length.

Mistake 16 Focusing on all the Platforms

Another mistake we make is trying to be on every platform together.

When you create your YouTube channel, you also try to promote yourself online.

And do it with great enthusiasm.

Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat everywhere, at the same time.

That’s not right.

Try to focus on one or two platforms.

Because when you are building your brand, you are also learning a lot from your mistakes.

It takes time to learn.

And when you succeed in building your brand, focus on other platforms.

The point is, once you focus on a platform.

And put all your effort into it, you will quickly grow on that platform.

Because your focus is not divided into many platforms.

So instead of focusing on all platforms, try to select only one and focus on that.

Mistake 17 Weak Intro

Keep in mind that the.

First 15 seconds of your video are very important.

Viewers either watch your video or leave.

So give a good intro in the first 15 seconds of your video.

It should be so attractive that people are forced to watch the whole video.

But keep in mind not to make an intro longer than 15 seconds.

Mistake 18 Low Energy

Most new YouTubers are focusing on a lot of things.

Such as camera, mic, lighting, background etc.

But they do not pay attention to their voice tone.

Their tone is very flat.

that there is no energy feeling in their words.

And the video makes people feel boring.

Sometimes we get nervous.

Try to make your videos very exciting.

And your voice and your body language.

Make that excitement visible to people.

So boost your energy in your videos.

Mistake 19 Create YouTube Channel for Earning Only

Another big mistake new YouTubers make is that.

They create YouTube channels just for earning.

What happens is that they see a lot of YouTubers.

Who are making millions of rupees.

Then they think that we can open a channel and make money.

Think like this is wrong.

It’s like the content of their videos behind it.

Their content is so good that their audience is very large.

People hear and watch them.

And YouTubers earn because of people’s views.

You have to make up your mind to make your content good.

Don’t think that you will make money from YouTube.

When your content is good and the audience is built, you will start earning money automatically.

Mistake 20 Talk about different Niche or Topics

Another mistake new YouTubers make is not selecting their niche and topic.

First of all, think about what topic you want to talk about.

Then select a topic and make videos on it.

What happens is that in the beginning we don’t get views.

We start making videos on different topics.

And that’s a big mistake.


Think from the point of view of your audience.

For example: There is a viewer who likes your video.

And he subscribes to your channel.

Suppose it was a comedy video.

But when he visits your channel next time.

He also finds videos of sports, technology, business and many more.

Now think for yourself, will he watch these videos?

Absolutely not.

Because he subscribed to your channel for comedy videos.

Try to find a topic on which you are very good and can talk a lot.

And make videos on it.

If your expertise is in two topics.

Then create a separate channel for the other topic.

Mistake 21 Clickbait – Wrong Title and Thumbnail

It is a big mistake.

to have the title and thumbnail of something else.

and the video of another topic.

Many new YouTubers do this.

This is called clickbait.

They put such fake news in the thumnail and title.

That people are forced to click on it.

Never do that.

Because in this way you are deceiving your viewers.

People do this to get views on their videos.

But if people flag your videos, you may be penalized by YouTube.

By doing so, you will not get long term benefits.

People are not fools.

They know what you are doing.

And they unsubscribe your channel.

Next time they don’t even click on your videos.

When YouTube finds out that.

Your subscribers and viewers have dropped, it also lowers your channel’s ranking.

These are the 21 huge mistakes that new YouTubers make

One last thing you need to remember is that we all make mistakes on YouTube, and practice makes a man perfect.

Just keep that in mind.

Now tell me which of the mistakes you were making.

Let me know in the comments.

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Top 21 Mistakes New YouTubers Make | How To Avoid Them? | Watch Video

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